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Introducing the Glory Shoe, patriotic footwear designed to honor the valor of our nation’s heroes and instill pride in our country’s flag. Durable and athletic, the Glory Shoe is a comfortable and high-quality sneaker for Americans who wish to show their patriotism by wearing a stylish product inspired by the Stars and Stripes.

As a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, R.D.C. Shoe Company is honored to give back to our veterans and their families by supporting the “Woody” Williams Foundation and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Our inspiration, Woody Williams, is the last surviving Marine from WWII to wear the Medal of Honor. To learn more about the incredible work that the Medal of Honor recipients do and how they help Gold Star families, please explore their links.

Take a Stand. Pursue Valor™. Semper-Fi.

Why Buy From R.D.C. Shoes?

At R.D.C. Shoe Company, we stand behind our core values of integrity, loyalty, courage, honor, and service to others. Our passion drives us and our commitment to honoring our heroes and motivating others guides us. We pledge to stay true to Who We Are and Why We Do It.

Join us in building a brand and a community that will have a large-scale and meaningful impact on the lives of our veterans and their families.

We The People

R.D.C. Shoe Company is a disabled veteran and family-owned business based in Rochester, NY. The company founder, Darren Davis, served both his country and his community as a Marine and as a law enforcement officer.

R.D.C. Shoe Company is comprised of a small executive team consisting of well-rounded, experienced professionals. With every decision we make, our goal is to build a company culture that honors our service-first mentality and inspires others to Pursue Valor™.

Our Why

Our Why is simple: We are using our product as a platform to honor the valor of our heroes while challenging and inspiring our fellow Americans to Pursue Valor™.

With each sale, R.D.C. Shoe Company is donating $10 to both the Woody Williams Foundation and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Having put their faith in us, we proudly stand behind our commitment to these organizations by supporting the important causes they undertake and by helping to preserve the legacies of the recipients of the Medal of Honor.

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Our Product

In a statement of pride, R.D.C. Shoe Company has designed and manufactured a sneaker that is a combination of comfort, durability, high-quality material, inspiration and authentic respect.

With our flagship product, we honor Old Glory. Rarely does our nation’s flag come to life in static form. Picture in your mind Old Glory blowing in the wind on a sunny day atop the highest flagpole or draped solemnly with honor and reverence over the casket of a fallen hero. These emotive images are precisely what R.D.C. Shoe Company has achieved by bringing to life our flag on the Glory Shoe.

Our Team


Darren Davis
Founder & President

Christopher Osman

D.J. Keiser

Ibrahim Yildirim
International Operations Director

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